Arlington Clock Repair

 In 1978, I was hired by Mr. E.L. Bynum of Clockmasters in Garland, Texas, a Seth Thomas wholesale distributor, to handle their return items from retail dealers. Mr. Bynum was a well known and respected individual in the Dallas clock business having owned several different retail stores during his life as well as the
wholesale operation. In 1982, I was in charge of a restoration and
conversion of a four-sided post clock and two skeleton clocks for the
Rapides National Bank in Alexandria, La.
 In 1983, I left the employ of Clockmasters to start what would
become a 24 year career as the repairman for The Clockery in
Arlington, Texas. During this time, I realized the importance of
assuring our customers of my competency in the field of
horology. So in 1986, I took a certification exam offered by the
American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute earning the title
of Certified Clockmaker. In 1991, I provided my knowledge
and abilities in the restoration of the tower clock in the
Wise Co. courthouse in Decatur, Texas during their
historical renovation.
 It is my estimate that over the course of my 43 years
in this field, I have repaired well over fifteen
thousand clocks of all types and description.
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