In addition to providing in-home Grandfather clock repair for Arlington Texas, I also cover the greater Dallas and Ft. Worth areas as well as the surrounding counties. Pick-up and delivery for other clock repair is only available for the Arlington, Mansfield and Kennedale areas. Call for rates and scheduling. All work is by appointment only.
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Cuckoo and Nautical

From their beginnings in Germany's Black Forest region, cuckoo clocks have delighted owners with their whimsical sounds. Because of the many case openings, cuckoo clocks will normally require cleaning every 7 years. Operating enviroment is a strong variable here as the mechanism can be subjected to even greater contamination if the clock is hung near an air vent for example.

The most common errors in repair are made when attempting to readjust the linkages for clock animation when it is incorrectly disassembled. Seperate music movements make for an even greater challenge to those not well versed in their repair and adjustment.

Nautical clocks on the other hand, have a nearly airtight casing that prevents frequent service requirements that would result from contamination of a high beat rate mechanism that is virtually standard on these clocks. Service of these clocks and the jeweled escapement that allows for their high degree of precision, requires an equally high degree of craftmanship. With the price of such clocks reaching well over a thousand dollars in many instances, the skill level needed for correct repair is usually quite demanding.

You can expect normal cleaning intervals for this type of clock to be in the 10-15 year range.
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