In addition to providing in-home Grandfather clock repair for Arlington Texas, I also cover the greater Dallas and Ft. Worth areas as well as the surrounding counties. Pick-up and delivery for other clock repair is only available for the Arlington, Mansfield and Kennedale areas. Call for rates and scheduling. All work is by appointment only.
Wall & Mantel
Cuckoo & Nautical
Rare & Unusual
Recommended service intervals for most new wall/mantel clocks would be every 10 years for cleaning, no interim lubrication should be needed if the proper oil has been used to start with.
Antique clocks should be cleaned every 15 years.

Wall and mantel clocks require more frequent service than a grandfather clock because of the increased operating speed. Whereas a grandfather clock may only beat seconds in its escapement action(60x per/min.), their smaller cousins may beat 150x per/min. or more depending on the movement. Gears turn more frequently, and bearing wear develops more quickly as a result.

Due to the poor material quality in many of the keywind Asian imports, I do not service these. They are 31 or 35 day wind and will usually say Korea or China in small print on the dial.

When there's a power interruption and the stove or microwave clocks are blinking at you, it's good to have a wall or mantel clock whose time you can count on.

Wall and Mantel

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